It is the edible part of the fruit, obtained by separating of it from the peel, seeds and bagasse, through a technological process.


  • Saves time: The consumer will not need to peel and filter the product in order to prepare natural juices.
  • Elimination of waste: The consumer receives the edible part of the fruit, shelled and seedless.
  • Permanent availability of fruit throughout the year.
  • Avoidance of wasted or ripe fruit, due to late consumption.
  • Fruit pulp maintains the nutritional and vitamin benefits.

100% natural fruit. (It does not contain water, colors or preservatives)

They are made after a rigorous selection of fruits at optimum ripeness, maintaining their characteristics on scent, color, flavor and texture; free of toxic pesticides and parasites. This product enables consumers to maintain the product and avoid problems regarding ripeness or damage, which generally affect fresh fruit due to late consumption.





Ice cream

Long-life Fruit Pulp (Pasteurized or aseptic)

Pulp is subjected to a continuous heat flow, to a temperature of 100°C per 115 seconds, which secures the effective destruction of heat-resistant bacterial spores; later, the immediate cooling at room temperature and aseptic filling into a sterile bag, with light-barrier and oxygen-barrier. This results in a product with commercial sterility approval that, at the same time, maintains flavor, scent as well as physicochemical and nutritional characteristics.

Useful, when there is an adequate cold chain for its distribution and storage.

  • It has one year lifespan.
  • 100% selected fruit, it does not contain colors or flavorings.
  • Pasteurized pulp.
  • Once opened, it can be kept refrigerated for up to 4 weeks without losing flavor, color or scent. If not opened, it has a 180-days lifespan under a temperature of 24°C.
  • It yields 20% more than existing frozen fruit pulps.
  • It gives more control over the product in the area of production, avoiding cross-contamination.
  • It saves time regarding preparation of products.
  • It does not require a blender.


Plastic bottle: 330 ml – 440 ml
Doypack, Cheerpack –  upon request

Frozen Fruit Pulps

  • They facilitate the preparation of juices: You just have to place the fruit pulp in the blender, add water, blend for less than one minute and it is ready!
  • It allows to be easily creative: just combine the pulps of different fruits.
  • You will not need to be waiting for fruit to achieve optimum ripeness to consume.
  • There is no risk of excessive ripeness.
  • You can skip the normal process of fruit: washing, peeling and cutting before eating, and disposing peel and seeds afterwards.
  • They facilitate the order and optimal use of space in the freezer.
  • 1 year lifespan, if kept in the freezer.
  • Used in restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and by housewives.
  • 1 kilo of fruit pulp is the equivalent to 5 liters of juice (Add up to 4 liters of water).


Vacuum packing: 100 gr., 397 gr., 500 gr., 1000 gr.
Barrels: 210 kg.

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